forex tracking

Tracking results, trading in a demo and live accounts

Tracking investment performance

Tracking results of your investments is very important in the context of development and improvement your ability to invest. If you do not know where you were standing when you began, you can’t know where you’re going. When maintaining detailed records about your investments, you can always go back and see what did you do well and what you did wrong. Then you can draw conclusions and learn from your mistakes. Every professional trader in the forex achieved his success only by learning from their mistakes. The same is happening in any other profession. Keeping accurate records of the investments is very important, because along with the well-built investment plan, those are the two most powerful tools to combat committing emotional mistakes when investing.

Demo and live investments

Trading on a demo account can be a great tool for learning investing and honing your skills in the currency market trading. Demo account can be used to study the investment strategy before you begin trading your own money. Note, however, that investing in the demo account is completely devoid of emotional approach, and because the forex success lies in the ability to manage emotions when trading, you will not feel a real emotions when trading on a demo account. However, if you are a novice investor, then you should start your adventure from a demo account, if only to see how the brokerage platform works. Business demo can also be useful if you have been losing for a long time on a real account. You might want to relax and try without any risk in order to gain a fresh perspective and calm approach to investment.

Forex Strategy – introductory course to the investment strategies

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