Forex strategy

Forex strategy – investment strategies course

I invite all forex traders to familiarize themselves with my free mini-course introducing the basic investment strategies in the forex. This mini-course is aimed primarily at novice investors, but more advanced players, can also find a lot of valuable information. The aim of the course “forex strategy” is to educate investors on how to create a solid foundation of good investment strategy. Continue reading Forex strategy

Exchange rates

You have the basic knowledge about pips and spreads. Now, let’s talk about exchange rates – those inform us about the size of the spread for a currency pair at a specific time. For example, if the exchange rate of USD / CAD is 1.1855, it means that for 1 US dollar you have to pay 1.1855 Canadian dollar. If we bought US dollar at exchange rate and afterwards the price of dollar rose to 1.1870 level, it would mean that our profit of 15 pips. Continue reading Exchange rates

Pips and spread

Pips and spread – the most important concepts in the currency market

One of the first things you need to understand while trying to learn Forex are so-called “spreads”. This is the most important information to understand the rules of forex. Spread is the difference between the price at which you sell the currency (the so-called “bid price”) and the price at which you buy a currency (the so-called “ask price”). It is presented using so-called “pips”. One pip is 1/1000th of a percent. Easiest way to explain it is by using an example: If at certain moment a price of EUR/USD is 1,4222/1,4223, then the spread is 1 pip. Different offer, at 1,4222/1,4232 would make a spread of 10 pips. Continue reading Pips and spread

Forex History

Why about history?

Almost everyone made a currency exchange at one point or another, for example before traveling aboard. Of course, depending on dollar value, every time you’re getting different amount of foreign currency. Who is profiting from that? The banks gain on every such transaction, since depending on currency you’re buying, they are charging a few additional cents above market value of foreign currency, and keep it as their profit. As an individual buyer, you will never be able to buy currency at the price it’s being listed on global markets. Bank is buying currency at certain price, in order to re-sell it to it’s clients with small markup. Being a forex investor, you have access to exactly that prices. You will be buying the currency, and once it’s value rises, you will sell it for profit. Continue reading Forex History

What is Forex?

What is Forex?

Forex is a shortcut for “Foreign Exchange Market”, an international market where currencies are bought and sold by people, companies and institutions. Thanks to technological advancements and the Internet, everyone can trade on forex 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (The market is closed on Saturdays and Sundays). In simplest terms, trading on forex is about buying certain amount of currency, expecting it’s value to raise in comparison to other currencies.

The purpose of this website is to give free information, helpful reviews, forex description and forex strategy in such way, that everyone, without having specialist knowledge, could understand it. In reality, it’s similar to simple Internet shopping, with the main difference that the merchandise we’re buying are the currencies, and if they rise in value, we are earning money. Continue reading What is Forex?

Training account

Training account – Learn Forex for free

Learning of forex investing is no different from learning any other skill. Before we go on, go a long way car driving course. Before you invest in the forex, practicing for a free account training. Most of the platform provides us with a whole lot of learning tools invest. Most platforms provide tools and information for both absolute beginners, but also for experienced players. Therefore, many people immediately becomes fascinated forex and wants as soon as possible to start earning money. Remember – hurry slowly! After the free account a few weeks of training and learning to invest, if you think you’ve mastered the forex is a machine for making money, then make a decision on the payment of money. The more it’s worth trying a free account that we are absolutely obliged to deposit money at any particular time. If you do not like us to forex, we do not ever start playing for our money. Continue reading Training account