Playing gaps in the currencies prices

Gaps are areas on a chart where the price of the currency (or other financial instrument) shows a sharp move up or down, accompanied by little or no transaction volume. As a result, the chart shows a “gap” in the normal structure of currency prices. The enterprising forex trader may interpret and exploit these vulnerabilities to their advantage. This article will help you understand how they form and how they can be used to conclude profitable trades in the forex and stock markets. Playing gaps is such interesting forex strategy that it should appeal to both investors preferring technical analysis, as well as those that make their decisions based on fundamental analysis. Continue reading Playing gaps in the currencies prices

Technical analysis at various time intervals

Technical Analysis at various time intervals is a simple forex trading strategy consisting of an analysis of the selected currency pairs in different periods shown in the chart. The advantage of this strategy is the fact that when considering the behavior of a given currency at ever shorter intervals, the investor obtains almost instantaneous picture of the movements made by a certain currency pair, giving him the opportunity to make decisions based on sound analysis and information, when buying or selling a currency pair. Continue reading Technical analysis at various time intervals

Morning weakness

In forex trading tutorial it is not often that you can read about technical analysis. This is caused by the fact that the fundamental analysis is simply closer to my heart and wallet. But now it is time to change that. I came across a very interesting description of certain investment strategies based on technical analysis and I would like to share it. On many occasions it has proved to be very effective idea for investment. Continue reading Morning weakness